Play Therapy: The Experience

As we continue our season’s journey with Play Therapy, listen in as Carley and Lucio discuss their experiences trying it out and how they felt it did as a stress reliever. One big question they came away with? Why don’t we do this more often!?! As adults and professionals, we have so much stress, anxiety, and fatigue build up in our lives. Taking the time to play may seem frivolous, but as Carley and Lucio found out, it can be so effective as a way to relax and restore our bodies and our minds! Joy is such a powerful force if we let ourselves feel and experience it! So how do you think you could incorporate play into your routine?

Tune in next week as we interview an expert in Play Therapy to round out this season! If you have an idea for what we should try in future seasons in the world of stress and anxiety relief, and if you’d like to be featured on the pod, email your ideas to us at [email protected]!

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