Happy Hour With Operation Happy Nurse

By Shannon McPeek and Lauren Revoir

Welcome to Happy Hour: An Operation Happy Nurse Podcast, where we openly discuss mental health as practicing nurses, and the reality of what it means in healthcare today. Hosted by the lovely Olivia and Carley, Happy Hour investigates alternative stress relief practices and dives deep into why they work to reduce stress. Take a listen and tune in for new episodes every Tuesday!

Introducing Happy Hour with Operation Happy Nurse:

In the Happy Hour premiere, Olivia and Carley discuss their personal journeys in nursing, how they’ve each struggled with mental health in their careers, and how their struggles led them to get involved with Operation Happy Nurse.

Season 2

  • Season 2 Episode 2

    Carley continues her tea journey by interviewing Matthew and Lisa Hammonds, the founders of Full Leaf Tea Company. They dive into their wellness blends, the science behind them, and which teas are their personal favorites. Check them out here: https://fullleafteacompany.com Try their Sleep and Stress Relief blends with Carley: https://fullleafteacompany.com/collections/teas-for-sleeping

  • Season 2 Episode 1

    We’re kicking off a brand new season of Happy Hour! Season 2’s topic: Tea! In the premiere episode, Olivia and Carley immerse themselves in the wide world of tea by beginning their month-long trial period. Throughout this season, they will interview some amazing professionals in the field. This time, they’ll divide and conquer: Carley’s trying stress-relieving teas from Full Leaf Tea Company, while Olivia tests the healing powers of matcha tea from Match Kari. Brew yourself a cup to listen and learn alongside them! Full Leaf Tea Company: https://fullleafteacompany.com Matcha Kari: https://www.matcha.com