Mental Health Matters with Sam Roecker

Happy Hour has another amazing Mental Health Matters lined up and ready to go for you! This week, Carley is joined by the inspirational Sam Roecker! Sam’s story is just incredible. She is a nurse and mental health advocate herself, but she’s also made herself known for her running prowess as well, by running marathons dressed in scrubs! It’s her way of raising support for nurses’ mental health. She most recently set a World Record (!!!) for fastest time in scrubs at the Boston Marathon. We chat about how she got her start in nursing, why she decided to start her current efforts, what running has done for her life, and some of her future plans as well! There’s a real and honest conversation with some surprises as well, so make sure you stay with us to the finish line! We are so grateful to have had Sam as our guest!

You can follow Sam on Instagram @samroecker, where you can also find links to her fundraiser and cheer her on!

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