Mental Health Matters with Olumide Onajide

TW: Eating Disorder

For this episode of Mental Health Matters, we were so blessed to have Olumide Onajide on the podcast! As a mental health advocate with a passion for fitness, Olumide talks us through his personal journey to becoming an advocate, how fitness impacts his mental wellbeing, addresses the stigma that men have when speaking about mental health, and shares some of his own struggles and the support systems that helped him overcome them. He was such a joy to be around virtually, so we are so excited to have him in person for our Fitness for the Caregivers event launching November 19th in Washington DC, along with one of our amazing past guests, Riley Christian! For those caregivers in the DC area, you can stay tuned for further details on that exciting event!

For more of Olu, check out his Instagram @kingolu30 and follow him as he continues his work as an amazing mental health advocate!

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