Mental Health Matters with Lindsey Shelton

Happy Hour has another fantastic Mental Health Matters episode for you! This week, we are joined by the lovely Lindsey Shelton. Lindsey is an ICU travel nurse, mental health advocate, and digital creator. As a nurse, she created @ScrubHacks on Instagram to provide advice and tips for ICU and travel nurses and to create an open space to talk about mental health. Lindsey shares her journey to becoming a nurse, influencer, and a mental health advocate with Carley and Joe, and chats about all things nursing and traveling in a really fun, honest, and engaging conversation. There’s a little dog talk thrown in there as well, for fans of our four-legged friends! Thank you to Lindsey for joining us, check it out!

Make to sure to follow @ScrubHacks for more of Lindsey, she’s a delight!

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