Mental Health Matters with Layifa & Emily of Nurselifern

This week, on Mental Health Matters, Carley is joined by the lovely Layifa and Emily from @nurselifern! An amazing and very funny community, the @nurselifern page (Nurse Life Right Now) was founded by Layifa’s brother Ebi to provide a space for humor and camaraderie for nurses. Sometimes the best way to handle things is by laughing, and since Ebi’s tragic passing, Layifa and Emily have continued to keep the community going to provide a little bit of fun to an otherwise stressful and traumatic world. The two join us to discuss the importance of community and mental health in nursing, carrying on Ebi’s legacy in the nursing community, and how laughter is unique in its capacity to connect and heal. We are so grateful to have had them on the podcast, and you can look forward to hearing more from them in the future!

Please check out @nurselifern for all the hilarious and relatable content you could ever ask for and more!

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