Intro to Play Therapy

Happy Hour is back for our 15th season! We hope you’ll hit that “play” button for this one, as this season, Carley and Lucio will learn all about Play Therapy! So, what is that exactly? The official definition of play is: to engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. That may seem contradictory if you are purposefully using it as therapy, but as you’ll learn over this season, it’s a real, effective, and fascinating idea. From sand play, to theater play, to even hula hoop play, the idea that play is a restorative and stress-relieving activity has been around for some time now, particularly for children’s therapy. However, nurses can also see real benefits, notably for combatting stress, depression, and compassion fatigue. As always, we’ll bring on a guest expert to explain more and have Carley and Lucio try it out, so have some fun with this season as we explore Play Therapy!

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