Intro to Hypnotherapy

Season 16 is here, and it’s a sweet one! This time, Carley and Joe will be learning all about hypnotherapy this season and exploring how hypnosis is used as a stress reliever and therapeutic practice. If you enjoyed some of our past Mental Health Matters episodes, you may remember mention of hypnotherapy, whether with a certified therapist or even self-induced. However, we wouldn’t blame you if your first thought was a pocket watch and “You are getting very sleepy…” Rest assured, hypnotherapy is really nothing like you see in fiction, it’s a mind-body intervention in a standard therapy environment, often used in conjunction with other practices! It leaves you fully aware and in-control for the whole experience, just more calm, relaxed, and ready to face your problems. It can call also attention, focus your mind, and suggest solutions to whatever ails you, in mind, body, or soul. We find that very fascinating, so come along with us on this journey into the world of Hypnotherapy!

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