Interview with Kristi Kusske

Looking to learn more about Red Light Therapy? Tune in to this excellent episode of Happy Hour with Operation Happy Nurse, where we interview the amazing Kristi Kusske! Kristi is the owner and founder of Enlightened Integrative Wellness. She is a registered nurse and is a passionate advocate and practitioner of holistic integrative healing. She shares her story with Red Light Therapy with Carley and Lucio and lets us know about all the common and unexpected benefits the therapy can provide! So whether you’re looking for some help with anxiety or depression, a simple energy boost, or healing skin or muscle damage, why not try out Red Light Therapy?

For more of Kristi, check out @kristi_kusske_wellness on Instagram!

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  1. As a high risk maternal consultant, this was interesting to hear how red light therapy can help with postpartum depression and anxiety. Really interested to try it. Thanks!

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