Interview with Erica Pang

This week on Happy Hour, Shannon and Carley learn more about painting by speaking with Erica Pang. Erica is an Art Therapist and artist based in Vancouver. She is all about self-expression and teaches her clients to use painting to discover their voice, or to express themselves in any way that feels right to them. Erica talks us through her process, shares her journey with painting, and reveals the unique strengths that painting has as a medium, including water colors, acrylics, and oils. She also explains the difference between Art Therapy and art as therapy, an important distinction for anybody looking to try painting as a mental health practice. It was a truly special conversation, we are so grateful to have had her on the podcast!

Erica’s work can be found on her website or on her Instagram, She also has so many Art Therapy activities you can try out on her YouTube channel, Erica Pang Art.

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