Interview with Dr. Richard Harris!

This week on Happy Hour, Carley and Shannon speak with the incredibly thoughtful Dr. Richard Harris. Dr. Harris is a board-certified pharmacist and holistic internal medicine physician based out of Houston, Texas. He also hosts the amazing podcast “Strive for Great Health” which focuses on using research-based health and wellness information and utilizing a holistic approach to inform his audience on what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Harris shares some of the great discoveries he has made in the world of health and wellness and provides our hosts with some tips from his own personal routine. He also recommends some stress and anxiety relief practices to check out and helps Carley and Shannon prep for their upcoming infrared sauna sessions by explaining some of the science and benefits behind saunas and infrared light. Prepare for your mind to be blown!

To learn more about Dr. Harris and his work check out his website and be sure to listen to his podcast!

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