Hypnotherapy Interview with Katie Potratz

Happy Hour continues our season’s journey with Hypnotherapy this week by speaking with the incredible Katie Potratz. Katie is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Medical Hypnotherapy Specialist, who is also an incredibly effective advocate for Hypnotherapy. Trust us, if you have any reservations about trying Hypnotherapy, Katie will put those at ease. She does an amazing job explaining to Carley and Joe what hypnosis really is, how it actually works, how she uses it to help her patients, and how Hypnotherapy shares things with other healing modalities that this show has explored. It’s just a super cool conversation for anybody interested in healing to check out. We were amazed hearing all that Hypnotherapy has to offer for both physical and mental pain. Katie was an honest, passionate, and overall cool guest, so tune to hear all she has to say about Hypnotherapy!

If our listeners want to see more from her, check out her website katiepotratz.com or her instagram @katiepotratz.

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