Cryotherapy Wrap Up & Interview with Meagan Darnall

New Happy Hour! This week Carley and Shannon welcome another very special and amazing expert guest to the podcast and together they conclude their journey into cold therapy. Meagan Darnall is the Senior Manager of Center Operations for the corporate team at US Cryotherapy. Meagan joined US Cryotherapy as a manager almost 8 years ago when the second center opened in Davis, CA. Since then, the company has grown to 20 centers across the nation, and she is now working as support to their corporate centers and franchise system.

Meagan helps our hosts finish up their exploration of cryotherapy and shares her passion for helping people find healing in a holistic way and how she has seen whole body cryotherapy do just that! They get into all the benefits of getting cold, why it is a great way to help improve mental health, why cold therapy could be right for you, the difference between cold air and nitrogen tanks, and much much more!

Get into it and stay tuned for more great Happy Hour content!

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