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Growing With Love

Written by Francine Baffa, LICSW, BCBA-D and Samantha Wall, LCSW Edited by Joe DeNoon   “Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them — we can only love others … Continue reading “Growing With Love”


Written by Samantha Wall, LCSW and Francine Baffa, LICSW, BCBA-D  Edited by Joe DeNoon   For the month of May, the two of us, Francine and Sam, will be focusing on connection! We will be starting with our own connection with our clients and with each other! This blog will look different from others, as … Continue reading “Connect-3”

Cure to Creative

Written by Francine Baffa, LICSW, BCBA-D Edited by Joe DeNoon   “Practicing creativity is like a healthy diet and a steady workout routine.”  In his book, The Creative Cure, author and creative coach Jacob Nordby discusses creativity, and the practice behind it, as a method of caring for your well-being.  “Every human being is creative, and … Continue reading “Cure to Creative”

Routines and Rituals 2.0

Written by Samantha Wall, LCSW Edited by Joe DeNoon   Routines and rituals are important aspects when addressing PTSD symptoms. Trauma or traumatic events send us into a state of hyperarousal, which affects our ability to orient to the present moment, regulate our emotions, and live daily life. As Francine discussed in the last blog, … Continue reading “Routines and Rituals 2.0”

Rituals & Trauma

Written by Francine Baffa, LICSW, BCBA-D Edited by Joe DeNoon   Trauma gets frozen inside of us and limits our ability to move forward; in turn, we become blocked and unable to become our authentic selves. To heal, we must find ways to move not only past the trauma but through the trauma. Rituals can provide … Continue reading “Rituals & Trauma”


Written by Francine Baffa, LICSW, BCBA-D Edited by Joe DeNoon   “The future of work is emotional. No scripts exist for our most difficult professional interactions.” ― Liz Fosslien, No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work   In the book No Hard Feelings, the author leads us on a visual exploration of … Continue reading “Flow”

Caring for Ourselves

Written by Samantha Wall, LCSW Edited by Joe DeNoon   In the last blog, Francine Baffa discussed the 80/20 principle. Francine stated, “It’s about recognizing the imbalance of what needs to be done to reach contentment and happiness and doing only that and not extra work that doesn’t result in anything positive.” In this blog, … Continue reading “Caring for Ourselves”

56 Posts