Interview with Erica Pang

This week on Happy Hour, Shannon and Carley learn more about painting by speaking with Erica Pang. Erica is an Art Therapist and artist based in Vancouver. She is all about self-expression and teaches her clients to use painting to discover their voice, or to express themselves in any way that feels right to them. … Continue reading “Interview with Erica Pang”

Interview with Cynthia Hauk

Continuing our season’s journey with painting, we had the pleasure of speaking with Cynthia Hauk this week! Cynthia is the founder of Mindful Creative Muse, which helps busy women, artists, and entrepreneurs express themselves through Mindful Art activities. She talks with us about her own path to finding art and mindfulness, and speaks about how … Continue reading “Interview with Cynthia Hauk”

Season 11 Introduction

Happy Hour is back for our 11th Season, and this one looks to be fun! Off of a lovely nurse suggestion, this season’s stress reliever is painting! On this first episode, Shannon, Carley, and Joe check in on each other’s mental health, chat a bit about last season, and get ready to put some paint … Continue reading “Season 11 Introduction”