Infrared Sauna

Season Six Wrap Up!

Carley and Shannon wrap up season six! Listen as they reflect on everything they learned and experienced this season in the world of infrared light. Together they give their honest and hot takes if they felt the benefits of their infrared treatments, what their sessions were like, if they’ll be going back for more, and … Continue reading “Season Six Wrap Up!”

Interview with Dr. Richard Harris!

This week on Happy Hour, Carley and Shannon speak with the incredibly thoughtful Dr. Richard Harris. Dr. Harris is a board-certified pharmacist and holistic internal medicine physician based out of Houston, Texas. He also hosts the amazing podcast “Strive for Great Health” which focuses on using research-based health and wellness information and utilizing a holistic … Continue reading “Interview with Dr. Richard Harris!”

Season 6 Episode 2: Infrared Sauna Interview with Jenica Mnich from Hot Haven

Carley and Shannon prepare for their upcoming infrared sauna sessions by having a conversation with expert and representative from Hot Haven, Jenica Mnich. Hot Haven is a studio in San Diego that offers a number of cleansing services including infrared sauna and lymphatic cleanse. The lovely Jenica breaks down what is going to happen to … Continue reading “Season 6 Episode 2: Infrared Sauna Interview with Jenica Mnich from Hot Haven”

Season 6 Introduction!

On this introductory episode, Carley and Shannon get ready to dive into a new topic in the world of stress and anxiety relief. Evan comes back on the pod to reveal this season’s mystery topic! Tune in to hear their initial reactions and check in with them emotionally before they dig deep! Listen now on … Continue reading “Season 6 Introduction!”