Float Therapy

Interview with Dylan Calm

This week on Happy Hour: Shannon and Carley continue to learn about float therapy from Dylan Calm. Dylan is a cofounder of the Float Shoppe wellness center and the host of the Art of the Float podcast. He is an expert on the business and operation of a float spa, and all the content he … Continue reading “Interview with Dylan Calm”

Interview with Sandra Calm

New episode alert! On this week’s Happy Hour, we dive into the benefits of float therapy by talking to Sandra Calm, an RN, nursing instructor, and co-founder of the Float Shoppe Wellness Center (@floatshoppe). Sandra shares her research interests with Carley and Shannon, including the effects of float therapy on chronic pain, as well as … Continue reading “Interview with Sandra Calm”

Season 10 Introduction!

It’s the holiday season, and we have a gift for you! A new season of Happy Hour! Shannon, Carley, and Joe are back at it, with a new stress relief practice to explore! As always, they check in on each other’s mental health, share their thoughts on last season, and learn a little bit about … Continue reading “Season 10 Introduction!”