Meet Our Team

Meet the Team – Emily Nightingale

On this special bonus episode of Happy Hour, Shannon speaks with Emily Nightingale, Operation Happy Nurse’s amazing social media coordinator. Emily shares why she first got involved with Operation Happy Nurse, as well as the ways in which stress has personally affected her life. Listen now and get into it!

Meet the Team – The McPeeks

On today’s special episode, Carley interviews Julie McPeek, Brenna McPeek, and Kiley McPeek—OHN Board Member/Marketing Guru, Copywriter/Book Club Host, and Treasurer, respectively. As founder Shannon’s family members, they all discuss the origin story of OHN, watching it grow, getting involved, and helping to plan for its future.

Mallori Walker, Board Member

On this special episode, Olivia interviews OHN Board Member Mallori Walker! She learns how Mallori got involved with OHN and the two discuss their mutual love for Pediatric nursing.

Shannon McPeek, Founder of OHN

Want to learn more about our founder? We have a very special podcast episode this week: Olivia interviews OHN Founder Shannon McPeek! They discuss her personal struggle with mental health in nursing, what led her to start OHN, and the exciting vision she has for its future.