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Travel Nursing in Australia

By Jenna Hoyt BSN, RN When I first decided I wanted to work as a nurse in Australia I was completely overwhelmed by the whole process. You need letters from every previous employer, certified copies of pretty much every form of ID, a letter from each board of nursing you’re registered with (a nightmare for … Continue reading “Travel Nursing in Australia”

The Clinical Educator’s Important Role in Mental Support for New Nurses

By Ashley Reil BSN, RNC-NIC The transition from a “student nurse” to a “new-to-practice” nurse can be a challenging and overwhelming experience, often including relocation, increased personal responsibility, a new schedule of night, weekend, and rotating shifts, and just generally finding one’s “fit” among others who are more established. These factors alone can cause anxiety … Continue reading “The Clinical Educator’s Important Role in Mental Support for New Nurses”

54 Posts