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Care on the Move

By: Aimee Vaughn MSN, RNC-NIC, RNC-NNIC, RNC-ELBW I started my nursing career in a small community NICU and moved from there to a traveler, to a Level IV NICU, to constantly challenge myself to grow. When looking for a home NICU, I wanted somewhere with advancement opportunities and I found that in the DC area. … Continue reading “Care on the Move”

5 Nurse Accounts to Follow

Provided by the OHN Team Nursing is tough. I could elaborate, but for now that one sentence encompasses what we all are feeling. From long shifts, to missed holidays. From full bladders, to unintentional intermittent fasting. Our shifts aren’t always pleasant. Sometimes we just need to hear from and laugh with people who understand the … Continue reading “5 Nurse Accounts to Follow”

Queer Nurses Making a Difference

In honor of Pride Month we wanted to highlight six LGBTQ+ leaders, innovators, and all in all incredible human beings in the field of nursing. Thank you to @queernurses for partnering with us this month and providing us with this list of truly inspirational nurses. T.Rae (she/her)  BSN, RN- Behavioral Health/Psych Nurse The founder/admin of … Continue reading “Queer Nurses Making a Difference”

Managing a Pandemic

By: Anonymous ICU Nurse Manager Get in, sit down, mask off…breathe.  As I sanitize my hands, I exhale the stress of the day while listening to the silence of my car.  The COVID ICU is loud.  These thirty seconds of silence at the end of my day are my favorite.  It’s here that relief, anger … Continue reading “Managing a Pandemic”

47 Posts