Ask A Nurse Ep. 3

For our third episode of Ask a Nurse, the Happy Hour with Operation Happy Nurse team continues to tackle pressing questions in the nursing world. This episode’s main question? How do nurses advocate for themselves? It’s a more complicated question than at first glance, and there’s no shame in not knowing how to ask for what you need, especially if you’re relatively new to the profession or fresh out of school. With that in mind, Carley and Lucio’s conversation covers questions like how to ask for PTO, how to deal with disagreements with coworkers or patients, and how to ask for help on the job when you need it! We hope you find some real value in these lessons Carley and Lucio have learned and leave with some new ideas to apply for yourself!

Please remember, that you, the listener, can send in topics for us to talk about! Just reach out to [email protected] with your suggestions!

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