5 Nurse Accounts to Follow

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Nursing is tough. I could elaborate, but for now that one sentence encompasses what we all are feeling. From long shifts, to missed holidays. From full bladders, to unintentional intermittent fasting. Our shifts aren’t always pleasant. Sometimes we just need to hear from and laugh with people who understand the intricacies of our profession. Below, see 5 nurse accounts that will make you laugh, think, explore, plan, and appreciate. 




Okay, this badass ER nurse turned ICU nurse is absolutely hilarious. She provides hilarious memes that only nurses can truly understand AND has some killer TikToks that will keep you giggling. Intermittently, she also posts some real thought provoking content. Give her a follow to feel inspired and encouraged.




A fun play on @dudewithsign, @nurseewithsign is a nurse “who says what everyone’s thinking on a sign.” She is currently a SICU-Transplant-ECMO nurse and will really get you thinking about the profession and practices with her cardboard signs. Some humorous, some seriously thought-provoking. This is definitely one account you want to follow to validate things you may already be thinking. 




Chase and Lindsay are a travel nurse couple who explore the country via RV. From West Virginia to Arizona and beyond, you won’t want to miss their adventures. Follow their account for amazing pictures, travel inspiration, and just the right amount of push to get you to explore that travel nurse life. They truly embody the saying “you only live once”.




Nurse Keith is a career coach for nurses, a writer, speaker, podcaster, and blogger. His podcast explores different realms of the nursing field by speaking with pretty awesome nurses accomplishing pretty amazing things. Check out his page for career tips, thought provoking discussions, and stories about other nurses who found their passion within our field. 




Nurses Inspire Nurses, started by Cat Golden, is all about appreciating the nurses around you. It provides a sense of community and love for the profession. Their page will not only show you super cool merch, but will also introduce you to so many other nurse accounts. It provides a place you can go to truly show love for the members of our nursing community. 


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